Renowned Clients

There are various potential clients for our musical band services, depending on the band’s genre, style, and target audience.
Music venues: Sindhi Hiranand Ghoriwala Offers your band’s services for regular gigs or special events.

Corporate events: We use to approach companies that organize corporate parties, conferences, and team-building activities. They often hire bands to provide entertainment during these events.

Weddings and private parties: Many people hire bands to perform at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other private events. Sindhi Hiranand Ghoriwala is available for these occasions.

Festivals and fairs: One can contact us to perform at local, regional, or national festivals and fairs that feature live music.
Here is the list of our renowned Clients.

Sindhi Hiranand Ghoriwala (Regd) is a tradition in itself since its establishment in 1948 by Late Mr. Hiranand Sindhi. It's not just a company but is conquest to make dreams of your marriage ceremony, the special unique, and memorable event has a solitary place in your heart and imprints it in memory of people influencing the event. Well Known for the Ghori, Decorative lights, Wedding bands, flower decoration, hospitality

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